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Monday, March 20, 2006

"Has Charles lost the plot?"

Asks one of his once loyal Lizards....

Charles has posted a thread that 90% of Indonesian Muslims oppose suicide bombing. And he posts it the other way.
In Indonesia, the showcase “moderate” Islamic state, eleven percent of Muslims say suicide bombings are justifiable, and almost half support stoning adulterers to death:
Of course the shriekers are all over it
Thanks to Reaganite (long time LGF junkie) at Gulf Coast Pundit.
The problem is, we don’t have the audience here. LGF has turned into a valid target for sites such as LGF Watch.
You said it Reaganite! Although Charles Johnson has been a valid target for his Muslim hating, Arab loathing bigotry for a long time now......but well done. You're almost ready to come off the medication.


Portolan said...

If Charles Johnson was a racist, why would he:

Speak up for Muslim women by speaking out against Shari'a Hadud laws (3/20)?

Have open admiration for Wafa Sultan (3/6)?

Provide a link and a thread regarding Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Hirsi (2/28)?

Why would provide a link and a thread regarding Wheelchairs for Iraqi Children (3/11)?

Provide links to an article written by Amit Ghate?

Why would he ban racist Stormfront and British Nationalist Party type posters?

If you were truly watching LGF, you would know that there is a difference between the 'shoot from the hip, kill 'em all' crowd and the more rational thinkers there. Just about every politically orientated site attracts people with over the top opinions. Just look at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. The 'kill 'em all' crowd at LGF is regularly challenged and disproven by the rational thinkers. Can that be said for Democratic Underground? As for reaganite, he is one of the more vocal of the rational thinkers.
Sorry to say, for you at least, reaganite still seems to be solidly conservative. To portray him as 'coming over to your side' is misleading.

I think that you're equating hatred for radical, violent Islam with hatred for all middle-easteners.

Isn't that racist on your part?

Portolan said...

So, I guess my reply to your post didn't meet your standards. So much for free speech. How "progressive" of you.