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Saturday, February 18, 2006

With friends like Cathy.....

Well if a member of Pajamas Media says Chuckles doesn't run a hate site it must be true.

Thanks to Cathy Seipp for her much-appreciated words of support at National Review Online, responding to a hit piece on yours truly that appeared in Los Angeles magazine: Catherine Seipp: Los Locos.
Mmmm, were the words of support in aid of a friend or business associate who's site offends potential advertisers?
If that makes him a racist hater, then I suppose Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali refugee and Dutch politician whose campaign against Islam’s mistreatment of women means she now needs round-the-clock armed protection, is also a racist hater.
Did she really just compare him to Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Goebbels would be a closer match.

What a laughable attempt. Next time you get somebody to write you a glowing endorsement Charles, try somebody who isn't closely associated to your business venture, somebody who has nothing to gain something from backing you, somebody who doesn't write such drivel.


Dermot said...

I suppose she has to protect her income, but its very sly of her not to make plain the fact the she's being paid by the same person she's defending. When you see this kind of crap going on with 'citizen journalists' and other 'MSM haters', I start wondering whether the new media revolution is actually worth anything at all.

Someone needs to ask her: How much does Pajamas Media pay her per month before or after taxes. Hang on, I'll go and do it and report back...

Richard said...

Perhaps I didn't read carefully, but is Cathy Siepp a PJM blogger? Or does she have some direct connection to PJM?

Actually, Hirsi Ali has a pretty large ax to grind with Islam. One could even say that she hates the religion; or at least she hates the oppression of women she sees represented in the religion.

But at least she is/was a Muslim and experienced personal suffering as an adherent of the religion. She knows whereof she speaks. What has Chucky ever suffered at the hands of Muslims that they should deserve his eternal enmity??

MJ said...

Cathy's World is indeed a Pajamas Blog