Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

When Irish eyes are rolling

The Saint over at The Dossing Times picks up Charles and the Little Green Fascists on their recent attack on Mary McAleese (for the crime of condemning both the cartoons of Mohammed and the violence being committed as a result). It seems we're not the only ones who marvel at the stupidity of the 'Lizards' Here are the comments that The Saint picked out:

"you ignorant biotch"
"She doesn't mean it, the infidel tart".
"Oh, well. What do you expect from Nazi sympathizers? the Irish, I mean. They hated England so much they sided with Hitler in WW II."
He also notices that the 'Lizards' are using Loyalist sites for their source of 'facts'. With the recent amount of attention paid by other wingnuts to the BNP and other European extremists this comes as no surprise to us. Anyway, as The Saint points out using Loyalist sites to demonise and argue against the Republic of Ireland "is a bit like using for facts on Israel.".


Richard said...

Talk about ignorant...the commenter who noted that some Irish sympathized with the Nazis also neglected to note that one of the extreme right-wing Israeli pre-state groups also sympathized with the Nazis (early on before news of the Holocaust became known). So why single out the Irish for opprobrium on that one?

elemental said...

I don't get it - a woman states that the comics were offensive and just for that the lizards think we should bomb Ireland?

Are they still doing stupid things like saying "Religion of Peace" in irony? If so, maybe they should pull head from ass and rethink.