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Monday, February 13, 2006

How to throw stones in your own glass house

Look at this, via the keyboard of Charles Johnson.

Glenn Greenwald is a liar. I have never said or written such a thing, because that is simply not my opinion. (the first part is true, Chuckles has never written such a thing.....Charles doesn't write much. He leaves it to his racist flunkies in the comment section - Ed) It’s a cheap, sleazy, intellectually lazy smear, setting up a straw man and knocking it down. But that’s par for the course in the dishonest, ethically-challenged childish babbling that passes for leftist “debate” in this modern age.
Speaking of debate. This is what passes for 'debate' on LGF:

  1. A photo of a cliff
  2. Playing the '9/11 card' in response to Al Gore's concerns over US treatment of Arabs
  3. A photo four lines of text about Carrefour's 'ALLEGED' participation in a boycott of Danish products
  4. The usual slurs and biased coverage of an ISM meeting at Georgetown University (whatever happened to freedom of speech?)
  5. The Irish president condemning the cartoons of the prophet Mohammad and the violence they caused. A pretty level headed response to be honest.
  6. Playing the 'race card' by expressing disgust at an Arab company taking over NYC port. So much for the myth that Charles is only anti extremist Muslims and therefore can't be a racist.
.....and so it goes on. LGF is not only ethically childish babbling, but racist opportunistic chickenhawk nonsense.

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