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Monday, February 06, 2006

Rolled-up Trousers

Osama Saeed at Rolled-up Trousers makes a good point about the lack of proportion or appreciation of priorities in the UK Muslim community.

I've never known the Muslim community to be whipped up like this. I challenged someone who felt passionately about the depiction of the Prophet. Why don't people feel as strongly about extraordinary rendition? Babar Ahmad? 100,000 deaths in Iraq? The wall in Palestine? Guantanamo Bay? The boiling of people alive in Uzbekistan? The massacres in Chechnya? Surely we should be feeding the hungry in Sudan, Niger and Kashmir? And then if we've got time, worry about cartoons?

He replied that the pictures were of an altogether different standing. Really? If you walked into a room, saw your brother being tortured to death, your sister being raped, and a cartoonist making his mischief in another corner, you'd act against the latter first?

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