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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Question For Glenn Reynolds

Prodded by increasingly potent leftist bloggers, Glenn Reynolds is forced to address Ann "Raghead" Coulter's CPAC debacle (or lovefest):

To win this war, we need to kill the people who want to kill us. But we need to win over the rest. The terrorists of Al Qaeda want to polarize things so that it appears to be a war of Christianity against Islam, of America and the West against all Arabs and Muslims. With remarks like those, she's helping their cause, not ours. Call it "objectively pro-terrorist".
Leaving aside Reynold's proven defective notion you can "win over" people by killing a bunch of them, he makes a good point: those who pump up the volume with racist rhetoric and eliminationist fantasies are exactly helping the real terrorists. In fact, those terrorists were counting on it.

So Reynolds has this to say about Ann Coulter, that she's "objectively pro-terrorist". But, um, he works for Charles Johnson, as part of Charles Johnson's fishy "Open Pajamas" operation. Johnson also runs "Little Green Footballs", a hyperactive 24/7 Muslim, Islam and Arab bashing blogathon, home to some of the finest Jihadist recruiting material west of Tora-Bora.

When will Reynolds point out that Charles Johnson and LGF are "objectively pro-terrorist"? Using the Coulter example and being "objective" about LGF, how can he not?


Pere Ubu said...

But we need to win over the rest.

Yeah, and hey, the way do do that is to defame their religion, torture a bunch of 'em and take pictures, invade a country or two and kill a bunch of innocents, stuff like that.

Jee-zus. And he gets PAID to write stuff like that?

kei & yuri said...