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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cry me a frickin' river

Chuckles is pissed off...

It seems someone at New York Magazine has described him as running a 'rabidly conservative warblog'. I wonder where they got that idea from?

New York Magazine is featuring blogs on their cover; on this page they refer to LGF as a “rabidly conservative warblog,” and make sure to point out the anonymous LGF stalkers’ blog as well. No mention is made of LGF’s key role in debunking the phony CBS National Guard documents.
To be fair to Chuckie, his displeasure isn't aimed at New York Magazine's (accurate) description of his festering hateful site. He's more pissed that Daily Kos got a better review and is more recognised (oh, and the fact that they mentioned us).

Daily Kos, on the other hand, despite his loathsome statement about four murdered American contractors (sounds like they were fixing the roads or something doesn't it? Actually they were mercenaries - Ed) in Fallujah (...“Screw them”), gets the pedestal treatment
Someone needs a hug and some prozac. Also someone explain to the ponytailed chickenhawk that things could be worse. They could've used a far more accurate description.


Shan said...

Christ, is this dude going to refer to the Dan Rather thing every two minutes. That was so 2004. What have you done lately?

For someone who is going to change the media paradigm, he does have a habit of resting on his [one] laurel.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Boo Hoo.

Sweet. I dont know whats more satisfying - a whiny, petulant reference to LGFWatch on LGFs front page, or a nod to LGFW in the same sentence as LGF by New York Magazine.

The least Chuckie could do is provide a link here - now that LGF and LGFW are equals in the eyes of NYM.

Heh. How do ya like them apples Charles?

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Maybe we should send him a cake or something.

Steve said...

Yeah, well it sucks they couldn't get the link right. The magazine mentions someone's personal blog.. a dead end.

We need to get New York Magazine to correct that.

Nuclear Cop said...

If Chuckles linked here, you'd have to redirect to it the fucken Guatamalen Army website or something as equally irrelevant as his childish (and quite un-Open Source) redirection of LGFW's links to him.

josh narins said...

The 200 page Volcker report couldn't establish that the documents were fake.

There was +absolutely+ nothing wrong with the font, typeface, or anything like that.

As Paul Lukasiak points out, after the Rather thing blew up, the White House released an official document with the same exact typesetting/typeface, et cetera.

In fact, Paul notes that they released this document in a "last" batch of 10 documents, long after they'd said they'd released "everthing."

Was it a setup from the getgo? Would waterboarding help find out?