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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pajamas Of Hate by Charles Johnson

Almost everything you need to know about PJ Media honcho Charles Johnson and his self-styled "Lizaroid Minions" is encoded in this post on Pajamas Media flagship Little Green Footballs today.

The backstory:

Jan 12th, '06: Another tragic stampede at Mecca. 343 pilgrims dead, many others horribly injured. Johnson and the minions were thrilled and doubtless aroused. Inspired by LA talkshow host Bill Handel, who made fun of the victims, Johnson invites his minions to join in the mirth, which they do with glee. A tiny sample from regular commenters:

pat 1/12/2006 08:37AM PST
look forward to this every year.

I had 375 in the over/under pool. Guess I lost.
I have 10,000 in my pool. I'm still waiting...

mbruce 1/12/2006 08:42AM PST
it's sort of like a virus or rats in the sewers.

Sol Roth 1/12/2006 09:46AM PST
Win-Win situation. Sadly though, on too-small-a scale.

Not suprisingly, after Handel had imitated the screams of crush victims on the air, a lot of people were upset. Islamic advocacy group CAIR demanded an apology from Handel and radio station KFI. Charles reported it like this:
01/27/06 08:18 AM: CAIR Goes After Handel
Radical Islamic front group CAIR is seething and whining and demanding an apology from radio host Bill Handel for a joke he made about the annual blood sacrifice at the Hajj pilgrimage
Perhaps Squeaky Johnson joined in, when he heard Handel doing the "screaming crushed pilgrim" bit on KFI, Johnson moaning as he googled images of the broken and bleeding bodies: sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers. That they were Muslim was enough to celebrate the suffering. A few days later, he posts again about the real victim of this tragedy -- Bill Handel:
01/30/06 08:16 AM: Handel Fires Back at CAIR
Los Angeles radio host Bill Handel, currently under attack by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is refusing to knuckle under: Drudge Report Flash.
Which brings us to today's post. Handel and KFI have belatedly apologized, doubtless fearing economic retribution. Johnson and his minions are outraged. Seething and whining because Handel was "attacked" and had to "cave in" for his "comedy bit".

Pajamas Media advertisers take note: "You are known by the company you keep".


moonbat monitor said...

340 something people killed because someone tripped over luggage???

come on, that's some Monty Python stuff right there.

Ratigan said...

I wonder if anyone found the recent stampede that killed 74 people in the Philippines.

They were killed trying to take part in their equivalent of The Price is Right.

I imagine that would also count as some Monty Python stuff right there, right MM?

elemental said...

That they think an advocacy group like CAIR is a 'Radical Islamic' Front Group is about all you need to know about these idiots.

josh narins said...


I think I met one of your contributors tonight. Any way I could confirm that?

Nice meeting you, should it have been you.

We aren't really on the same sheet of music, I can tell from your links, but, well, at least we can talk about the same events.

Richard said...

Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. I wonder what the right wing LGF moonbats consider CAIR a "radical front group" for? Al Qaeda?

And does that make the Anti-Defamation League (serving a similar role in the Jewish community) a "radical front group" for the Israeli right or Jewish terrorists like the Kahanists?

You can see the idiocy of this histrionic position pretty clearly in such an analogy.

Richard said...

Also, if you take a look at the LGF post displayed here you'll find that CAIR is described as a "fringe Islamic group." So let us ask what makes this group "fringe?" Can Chuck give us an example of a Muslim group he approves of or considers mainstream? Does he know enough about the Muslim community to know groups beyond those he hates (which seems just about all of them anyway)?

Which all goes to show that Johnson engages in mindless rhetorical overkill that has no connection to real reasoned debate.