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Saturday, February 11, 2006

A simple question

Is Charles Johnson a racist? John-Paul Pagano makes some excellent points in Dennis The Peasant's comments section.

Charles is indeed a racist, although he and his lemming horde of followers endlessly dodge the accusation by raising childish, semantic objections to the word. Yes, Islam is not a race. However, Charles's treatment of news regarding Islam is different from, say, neo-Nazi Hal Turner's treatment of news regarding blacks ONLY insofar as Charles is slightly more sophisticated and doesn't use profanity.

If a Muslim is given a parking ticket and there's a news story about it, Charles will post about it and attribute the malfeasance to the Muslim's belief in Islam. (Just as Hal Turner or other racists find examples of black malfeasance and attribute them to the race of the perpetrators.) Ranting Saudi imams are lumped in with serial killers who happen to be named Ahmed, because Islam is evil, and like Dennis Kucinich's mind-control satellites, it makes people do baaaad things.

Charles is just as moonbatty as the moonbats he ridicules, and just as base as the Muslim thugs in French ghettos who look up to Osama. It is a travesty that he operates that cesspool of a blog under the guise of giving a rat's ass about spreading liberal democracy in the Middle East.

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