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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Pajamas conspiracy?

Someone over at Dennis The Peasant's blog has an interesting question.

Don't know about cookies but strange sites like these ones seem to be jamming up Technorati all of a sudden....

....are Pajamas up to something?
Indeed, what are these strange sites? Are they anything to do with Pajamas Media?

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

Looks like the start of a link farm to me.

All of the 'new blogs' listed above reference PJMedia in some way in the text. If the listed blogs start providing outgoing links to jam-ass media over the coming weeks I would be very suspicious. All the new sites are gibberish anyway with no coherent content. (I dont mean PJMedia blogs I mean the newly spotted additions, lol..)

For those that dont know, Google places a website that has lots of links pointing to it nearer the top of Google search results.
Google assumes a site with lots of links to it is more highly valued by users.

Anyone looking for a high placing in a Google search for a particular subject would either have to get other people to link to their page, or artificially generate their own pretend 'sites' and provide outgoing links to the page that you want to raise up the rankings.

If thats what theyre up to its a rather lame-ass way for a company to behave.

For one that wants to be taken seriously anyway.