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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Onward Lizardoid Morons!

Chuckles Johnson again goes does his best to criticise CAIR (his usual style, not writing a thing), this time reproducing an e-mail in its entirety (that I'm sure would have legal notices about reprinting without permission)offering internships at their organisation.

Now of course Chuckles would say that he isn't encouraging his mentally retarded comment section chickenhawks to write nuisance and/or offensive e-mails to CAIR.....but of course they undoubtedly will (and admit to it on said thread)


elemental said...

Am I missing something in that e-mail that is unusual that would warrant re-printing it?

moonbat monitor said...

just wondering how many here actually SUPPORT cair.

can I get a talley?

MJ said...

That's not the question MM.

The question is, why is Charles reprinting a personal e-mail from CAIR to another organisation about internships.

It's not as if the contents are libel worthy, terror inciting or offensive to any's a call for applications by students.

Could it be Chuckie is reprinting it just to illicit some typical anti-CAIR, anti-Muslim banter from his loyal bunch of retarded bigots? Surely not.

PS Before you as, I neither support or am anti-CAIR. I have no opinion on their work, and as long as they remain within the law and their e-mails do then they have every right to campaign in any way they deem fit and deserve protection. That includes protection from bigots reprinting sits vac e-mails....

Brad said...

My Goddess,
Shit-for-brains Steve J. actually calls commenters at other sites "mentally retarded." That is a riot given the freaks that inhabit this waste land, such as Winston "I fuck 11 year-old-girls" Smith, and "Adultpornlovinggrouse." Unfortunately, I am gaining respect for LGF by the post, which is something I don't want to happen! Stop the madness!!!
Someone needs to start an LGFwatchwatch site to keep tabs on you creeps.

Winston Smith said...

And this is why we moderate comments.

Oh, and Brad? If you want some tips on the effective use of filth, go watch "The Aristocrats." Your accusations are not only untrue, but deeply unoriginal.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Damn. Somebody needs a hug.

Brad, are you implying you're developing respect for Little Ghoulish Freaks just to spite this site. Or something...?

elemental said...

Wow, just wow, you really shouldn't moderate posts too much, it's just too much fun to read idiots like moonbutt monitor and brad.