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Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's the Holocaust, stupid

Does Charles actually read what his LGF-bot publishes on the site these days?

We're only asking because of the post that claims "Europe is caving in to the global cartoon jihad" because the editor who commissioned the Muhammad cartoons has been "sent on leave".

Even just a cursory glance at the snippet nicked from the Guardian (evil MSM!) would make it clear that Mr Rose was put on gardening leave because he put forward the stupid idea of republishing Iranian Holocaust cartoons. His editor, who must surely be having a difficult enough time as it is, probably though old Flemming needed a few days - or weeks - to calm down and, more importantly, not give interviews which could see the 'anti-Semitism!' lobby crashing down on him as well.

So, let's just spell this out once more for Charles: Rose had the full support of his editor for publishing the Muhammad cartoons. Rose does not have the full support of his editor for wanting to publish Holocaust cartoons. If in your book not publishing Holocaust cartoons is tantamount to caving in to "the global cartoon jihad"...perhaps you could commission some Auschwitz cartoons from Fox and Cork'em, just to show what an anti-jihadist hero you are, Charlie.

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Steve said...

A good point well made. Certainly Cocks and Fuckem would be good candiates for holocaust humor. They've had some practice, as Mr Spock eloquently demonstrated:

A possible update?