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Friday, February 10, 2006

LGF: Australians can do no wrong

Shock horror! A formerly government-owned commodity monopolist turns out to have been paying Saddam bribes in order to get oil-for-food contracts, but neither LGF nor PJM/OSM are covering it. Could this be because the company is Australian, and Australians are our allies in the WoT(TM), and can therefore not be seen to have ever done anything wrong?

Or maybe it's just plain old racism: black man (Kofi Annan's son) involved in scandal, LGF reports it. White man (AWB boss Andrew Lindberg) involved in scandal, LGF doesn't report it.

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josh narins said...

A much more obvious instance was the coverage of Margaret Thatcher's son Mark's involvement with racist mercenaries in an attempt (oil contracts _pre-signed_) to overthrow Equatorial Guinea.

It wasn't just LGF that skipped coverage.

Townhall, FreeRepublic, NewsMax, LGF, Instapundit, National Review Online, Benador Associates Newswire (long story), World Net Daily.

They all ignored Maggie's son's oil-inspired, racist-involved coup story.

I give Bush a little credit here. Mark Thatcher, as a result of his involvement in this coup, is banned from America. His wife and kid were living in Texas, but Mark is not allowed to join them.