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Monday, February 13, 2006

Membership denied

It seems George Galloway's RESPECT party has been rejected for membership to the European Left Party.

I am told that the European Left Party has rejected RESPECT's application for membership on the grounds of the ambiguity of RESPECT's position on gender equality. Moreover, the European Left Party regards RESPECT's commitment to secularism as weak.


If this report is accurate, the basis upon which RESPECT's application has been rejected can hardly be a surprise to them. It is, after all, a coalition which includes the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose largest single declared donor is Dr Mohammed "Dancing Cows" Naseem, a conspiracy theorist who moonlights as the Home Affairs spokesman of another party which calls for the execution of homosexuals.

It could be those reasons, or it could be the whole "cat' thing on CBB. Who knows?

Via Harry's Place

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