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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A condemnation and an invitation

Hmmmmm, must be some kind of trick, I mean why would Muslims condemn President Ahmadinejad for disparaging the Holocaust. Even going as far as daring him to visit Auschwitz. Well it would seem like that if you were a denizen of the stinking swamps of the LGF comments section, because as they've stated before, there are no moderate Muslims.

A Muslim cultural institute in Germany on Monday criticized Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad for disparaging the Holocaust, daring him to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp.

“In this place of horror he can again deny the Holocaust, if he has the courage,” a spokesman for the Islam-Archiv-Deutschland Central Institute told the German Catholic press agency KNA.

In recent statements, the hardline Iranian president has dismissed the Nazis’ systematic slaughter of mainland Europe’s Jews as a “myth” used to justify the creation of Israel and called for the state to be “wiped off the map”.

By denying the Holocaust, Ahmadinejad not only denigrated the Jewish victims of the genocide but also the 200,000 Roms and Arabs murdered in the “gypsy camp” of Auschwitz-Birkenau and other camps, the institute spokesman said.

The fact that the president of an Islamic state repeated Nazi anti-Semitism was harmful to the image of Islam and “a disgrace for all the world’s Muslims”, he added.
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