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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Return of the 'not torture' meme

New pictures of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib have turned up, and Charles has the following to say about them:

Abu Ghraib, the Endless Hamster Wheel

Here’s a shock: New Abu Ghraib abuse photos anger Arabs.

Indeed. When the first pictures appeared back in early 2004, Charles Johnson dismissed what he saw as "not torture".

How long is he going to keep up the pretense that this kind of treatment of prisoners does not constitute torture?


chickenhawk said...

they're not new asswipe

jf said...

They are new asswipe. They've only just been released for the first time....making them?? NEW!

PS nice use of an 'ironic' name. The irony of course is that you don't fully understand the concept of irony.