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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Terrified Lizards Reassured.

After numerous Lizards posted panicky messages fearing their beloved clubhouse was going to be sanitized, racist and bigoted commentary banned or even, heaven forefend, shut off forever, Charles steps in to quell the tremulous voices:

#371 Charles 11/16/2005 10:44PM PST

This will be the 4th or 5th time I've repeated that LGF will not be changing -- in fact, it is part of my deal that LGF will not change. No one wants LGF to change. No one has asked me to spend less time at LGF, and no one has asked me to change LGF. If they did, I wouldn't be involved in this venture.

I hope I'm making myself clear here. You folks who are worried about negative effects on LGF are winding yourselves up over nothing.

Clear as a bell, Charles. Let the hate-mongering continue! Genocide-fantasists, torture-enthusiasts, 24/7 Muslim-bashers and rabid flag-wrapped lunatics continue as before!

Probably, none of the OSM advertisers, Circuit City, for example, care one bit about LGF. Probably never even looked at it. And it's not like LGF is part of OSM anyway... oh, wait...

Ah. Well, what they don't know won't hurt them. Do Muslims even buy appliances?


SubHu12 said...

I don't see why the minions were so worried about squeaky spending less time at LGF now that he's gone big with that OSM thing.

I doubt he spends more than an hour or two a day slapping 'n pasting that mess together.

Their sad pathetic lives might center around LGF, but I'm sure it's but a trifle to Charles.

Steve said...

True, the minions know on an instinctive level that their "Lizardoid Master" is hardly tasked when it comes to posting. Most of what he posts comes from them anyway, in the form of lavishly researched missives sent with frantic haste to Charles, lest some other minion beat them to the most prized "hat tip". But the Lizards are highly senstive to their Master's absence. Witness the flurry of "Charles Must Have Been Out Late" or "He's Probably Riding His Bike" posts when Charles is a half-hour late in making his first post of the day. For regular posters like "Bubble Girl" (23,000+ posts) or the fiesty "Reaganite", the prospect of their Lizardoid Master being preoccupied with other minions is almost too much to bear.

I fear some minions may go over the edge, if they haven't already. I can't talk for other members of the LGFWatch Team, but my counsel is for compassion in this difficult time.


X said...


marquisdesade said...

True, the minions know on an instinctive level that their "Lizardoid Master" is hardly tasked when it comes to posting.

True, but deleting comments and IP-banning non-genocidalists is a full-time job for Squeaky.