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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So this is it?

Here we are, the first OSM story, "compiled by OSM Staff in Barcelona" (i.e. Jose Guardia) is about the deal to open up the Gaza crossing at Rafah under Palestinian/EU control.

OSM are so incredibly hip, so unmainstream, so radical, so revolutionary that the first sources they quote are the AP and the CSM (1). Way to go. That'll show the MSM.

Style-wise, their "Barcelona staff" obviously have a lot to learn (2). Never mind, it's OPEN SOURCE!

"Blogger A thinks..." (3)

Spelling isn't their strong point either (4)

Sort out your style guide (5)

"...and blogger B says..." (6)

...and that's it. Are we supposed to believe that somehow this constitutes a breaking point in publishing? This is just a bunch of bloggers who wish they could get published on Open Democracy, Salon, Wired or Slate.

"Keep digging" indeed.

PS: Comments are back :-)


Benjamin said...

Bizarre stuff on NRO about Roger Simon and Charles Johnson:

“Johnson and Simon claim that, like most bloggers, they will not hesitate to own up to errors. In their view, more established media are too arrogant and hidebound to admit many of their mistakes.”

Arrogant and hidebound? LGF is never like that is it?

And of course LGF is error free and fact checked, yeah?

The irony.

“Simon and Johnson loathe ideological labels.”

Not true, actually.

Simon and Johnson don’t like people labelling them. They are quite happy labelling others.

johnny Ha Ha said...

So what's this got that Google News doesn't? Besides a really annoying color scheme that makes the links look as abrasive as the subject matter

Johnny Mainstream said...

Wow, it's been a while.

Just wanted to say the coverage has been fantastic lately. Truly entertaining. This post in particular made me cringe at the lameness of this whole project; I've seen high-school newsletters with beefier reporting.

Keep up the great work. I know those LGF dorks can't even stand to look at this page, and for good reason.

M. Sphinx said...

They should consider changing their name slightly to Multi-Source Media, MSM for short.

That name would actually be clever and funny.

Johnny Mainstream said...

"MSM," I like that! I already took, and despite that fact that I have zero posts thus far, I think the coverage is still as strong as OSM's.

How about "One-Source Media," seeing as it's basically a collection of recycled AP links?

One is reminded of the Simpsons episode where Homer and his friends all wind up starting newsletters. In the end, Barney (the alcoholic) slurs that it's "mostly culled from wire services. BUURRRPP."