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Friday, November 18, 2005

OSM News?

What do our sore eyes see? According to the headline story on OSM right now 'OSM News' is reporting a new Zarqawi tape. OSM News? Has OSM got some sort of intrepid newsgathering unit which beat the rest of the world's media to this incredible scoop? Let's click through and see...

Ah. The story comes from the Canadian Press. Not 'OSM News'. 'OSM News' is simply a page on '' which reproduces a Canadian Press report via Newstex. 'OSM News' is a fraud. Just like the rest of OSM.

PS: Take a look at the bottom of the first snap: Keep Digging: WMD. Indeedy...


Benjamin said...

From Roger L. Simon:

"Of course, we at OSM are making all kinds of mistakes. This is something brand new and we're going to be flopping around for some time, much like a kid learning to ride a bicycle. And even when we learn to ride, we're going to run into plenty of brick walls."

That from the CEO! Doesn't inspire confidence, does it?

Some of his investors must be getting rather nervous.

nada said...

You should really send that link and brief query, via this wonderful thing we call the internet, to a certain legal department of a certain media company across the border. To us, the viewer, it is certainly misleading. Whether it is legal or not is for others to decide. Why not present them with a chance. Canadian lawyers love this kind of stuff.