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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bias or difficult truths?

Chuckles is complaing that The Australian has produced a biased headline against George W. Bush. Let's see.

Corrupt Bush ally resigns in shame
Was he corrupt?

He took bribes to the tune of $2.4 million dollars

Was he an ally of George W. Bush?

He was a Republican congressman. He is a staunch conservative.
Cunningham is known as a fairly strong conservative, often speaking against abortion, stem cell research, and a variety of other subjects.
Hardly an ally of Bill Clinton then, eh?

Did he resign in shame?

According to his own resignation letter he's full of shame, regret and sorrow.

So how is it a biased headline if it's stating fact? It's biased in LGFland because it's seen by them as an attack on their beloved Bush regime. That to Chuckles is inexcusable and a challenge to his Republican blog and his barmy comments section. His 'Operation Cover George's Ass' is really heating up.

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