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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A 'Lizardoids' solution for OSM

This is great!

#21 NiceLass 11/21/2005 04:35PM PST

I have an idea for OSM. Attach a message board discussion forum to it. You’ll get so much traffic you won’t know what to do. Just appoint some trusted lizardoids as moderators and you’ll be in business!
Charles must be weighing that idea up as I type. I mean, you've got a project that's going down like the Titanic, everyone thinks your CEO is acting like a prick, even your friends are laughing at you........I KNOW! Let's turn the thing into a sub-LGF circle jerk. That'll really turn things around and get people on our side.

(I can't quite work out wether the poster is being sarky or incredibly stupid, it's difficult with the 'lizardoids').

(credit to Mr. Spock)

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SubHu12 said...

I second this idea of NiceLass. Set up a messageboard. Put the minions in charge. Someone like ironfist. Then watch the advertisers flock to OSM. A can't miss proposition.