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Friday, November 18, 2005

OSM Daily Roundup

Since we're not allowed to post even one word from One Source Media Media (OSM Media), without violating their Terms Of Use Agreement, we'll have to use their writing "style" to summarize the top story there this morning.

One Source Media (tm) Media Roundup.

Compiled by LGFWatch Staff in the US and UK and maybe somewhere else.

Story: About Politics, we think it's okay to say "The House". Some stuff about the spending bill being turned down. (They probably saw it on CNN/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC but that's just a guess). They credit the information to KRT News. They say it might be something to do with President Bush's declining popularity. Some blogger called "Mike" says it's like Blair not doing well. Some blog with "Monkey" in the name says it's a sign of President Bush's declining popularity. Another blogger called "Dave" is mad. Some blog with "Huston" in the name accuses someone of something to do with Pork and Cards. (ed: I think they meant to spell "Huston" Houston, but maybe not because they've spelt it this way several times before). Then some other bloggers say some things and it ends with a truly lovely homily, except we can't say what.

OK. That's it. Wish we could tell you more, but they have a lot of money for lawyers.

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