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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Advertising? What Advertising?

You really got to ask, what the heck is going on here? The OSM/Pajama investors were supposedly investing in a business that made money by selling ads on the "mothership" PJ Media site, but also on all (70+) affiliated blogs. We haven't checked all 70+, but a quick sampling indicates that not only is PJ Media not placing ads on the affiliates, but the affiliates are sill using Blogads and Google Ads. These same affiliates are also being paid by PJ Media for the ads they are not showing. Why?

The PJ Media site has a few "mainstream" ads like Circuit City, but so lackluster, thin and dated is the content, it's hard to imagine many eyeballs and click-throughs. There's basically nothing on the PJ Media site that couldn't be done by a staff of one, merely supervising news feeds and pasting a few links and summaries.

So what is going on? Is Pajamas Media just a front for a Scaife-style "astroturf" operation, a way of sustaining Republican talking-points as an entire nation wakes up to the corruption and ineptitude of the Bushies and their cronies? It sure as hell isn't a viable business.

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Tex MacRae said...

They're just doubleclick ads, not Pajamas Ads. Den Beste writes about them here.

He even asked Simon about them and he admitted it.

So, what does it all mean? PJM is desperate to show ads and they thought we wouldn't notice they were sucky old doubleclick junk? By using doubleclick, they have to share the take with them and then still pay the bloggers who're stuck showing the junk ads.

The original idea was for PJ to pitch the blogs as a group to advertisers. What's funny is that everyone who signed up for this deal is probably reading their contracts and realizing there isn't a damn thing they can do about the doubleclick ads. Remember how RLS told people that they could reject ads they didn't like? Ha! There's no way to do that with doubleclick. Everytime the page is refreshed a different ad appears, so you have no idea which ads you've even shown.