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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Are PJMers beholden to the Mooniebat?

We've noticed that Charles Johnson's failed blogger empire OSM/PJM has dropped the official Chinese news agency Xinhua from its news sources. Will the powers that be at PJM do the same for UPI now?

UPI, for those who don't know it, is owned by News World Communications, which in turn is owned by the Unification Church led by the 'Rev' Sun Myung Moon. And Moon, as CJ should well know, is no friend of the Jewish people:

"To recreate Israel, the church and the state must become one as Cain and Abel. Instead they became one with Rome and captured and killed Jesus. They united with Rome. Who are the Jewish members here, raise your hands! Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents. Even now, you have to determine that you will repent and follow and become one with Christianity through Rev. Moon." (Moon on 2 March 2003)

So Charles, how about it?


Laurence said...

UPI provides life support for Helen Thomas.

Her presence contaminates UPI more than Moon.

Winston Smith said...

Helen Thomas is a self-proclaimed Messiah?

I had no idea.

X said...

Didn't Thomas leave UPI when it was bought by the Moonies?

I think you'll find she did.

Winston Smith said...

Maybe Helen Thomas has as much power, money, and influence as the "Rev." Moon. But I doubt it.

Steve said...

How typical that the bullying Republicans are terrified of fiesty Helen. They like their "reporters" smooth of pate and ready to render uncut "favors", ala Guckert, the uncut Republican Shill.

Corruption and Male Presstitutes, that's the Republican Way.

Helen Thomas has more integrity and courage than the whole boot-licking pack of cowards known as the WH Press Corps.

All Hail Helen!