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Sunday, November 20, 2005

OSM is 'not sufficiently compelling' says Corn

Not sufficiently good say I. Seems like one of OSM's token liberals is finding life tough working with the Roger and Chuckles clown school.

I'm still waiting to see OSM straighten itself out. The debut was hardly that of a powerhouse site, and changes, I'm told, are in the works. I hope quickly in the works. The site needs more action, pizzazz, and raison d'etre. Believe me, I've thrown much more than two cents into the internal discussion about the site, its problems, and the potential solutions. Before the launch, left-of-center bloggers and some visitors to this site were fretting it would be the HQ for neocon shock-troops on the Web. Vanity Fair's James Wolcott and I had a back-and-forth on the subject, with Wolcott comparing the OSM gang to Dr. Josef Mengele. But OSM's startup problems have not been ideological; they've been editorial. The content and presentation have not been sufficiently compelling.
Added to this one of OSM's leading lights actually agrees with Mr. Corn, a lot apparently. It looks like some people are going to really regret shelling out $3.5 million on this donkey.

UPDATE: Another OSM blogger has questions and suggestions for the floundering web based Titanic. Are they listening to their own people?

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