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Monday, November 21, 2005

A racist, crazed, reactionary demagogue writes.....

This is fantastic. Melanie Phillips comes clean

Now we are told that the riots in France by Muslim and Arab youths from the banlieues — the city suburbs — have nothing to do with Islam but are the result of poverty, unemployment, racism and discrimination. Those who say, au contraire, that Islam is at the core of the disorder are being vilified as far-right racists and crazed reactionary demagogues.
Well done, Melanie. Couldn't have said it better myslef. Must've taken some bravery to out yourself in such an open way.

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Mark said...

I don't get it. Phillips isn't admitting anything, she's just trying to pre-empt criticisms.

She is wrong of course. France has a long and ugly history of anti-Arab racism dating back to the Algerian war.