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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Clown Show

Charles and Roger have a big problem. A HUGE problem. They've flipped their flop web-site back to Pajamas Media, and had registered as a web address, but what they really really need is something easier to remember and type, and that doesn't need spelling out -- as in "is it Pyjamas or Pajamas? (both are valid spellings). How would you like to explain that a zillion times? Worse, someone has registered the alternative spelling of as, well, it's hard to say what. * So a "contraction" of Pajamas Media as PJM or PJMedia, dot-net or dot-com seems to be essential.

But: - is the personal blog of "Per-Jarle Heggelund", an artist in Europe. - is a computer consultant in TN. - "the world's largest (electrical) grid operator."

And (screen cap above) seems to belong to a name-broker/squatter in Asia. Ouch!

But as long as any (or all) of the above don't find out that Johnson and Simon are rolling in cash, and have raised $3,500,000 in venture capital, the prospects seem good that one of them will part with their domain for some reasonable bucks.

It's not like anyone would tell them. Is it?

* How could Johnson and Simon let that one slip? They must have known about the alternative spelling. These guys are frankly, dumb. As in stupid. And careless.


Basil said...

Now, honestly, you just blogged about Open Sore Media a couple of posts earlier, then you forget all about it by the time you discover PyjamasMedia?

It's the same site, just an alternate URL.

Regardless, thanks for the double-plug!

Steve said...

Basil, LGFwatch is an international effort with team-members on different continents. We are individuals with independant outlooks and don't co-ordinate our posts in any way. Sometimes we'll post on the same topic with a different "take" on things. So it was I, (S.K.) mentioned without realizing instantly it was the same site as previously referenced by my esteemed collegues.

It truly is extraordinary that with all the time and money, neither Charles nor Roger had the foresight to register the alternative spelling. Should you be able to sell them the site for a lot of money, we wish you good sucess. As the saying goes: "fools and their money are soon parted".

Basil said...

Heck, we're having too much fun with the true open source media blog to even think about selling the name.