Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


An anonymous reader has an important point to make regarding the (now defunct?) OSMorg logo:

Look at how the OSM logo starts out... it's a CRESCENT! They must support terror states!

A valid observation. We hope - but don't expect - Charles Johnson will take full responsibility for this embarrasment and do the honorable thing.


jonz said...

I wonder if it's just me... LGF is timing out.

adultmalebluegrouse said...

Nope. Youre right. LGF down.

Maybe Chuckles has done the decent thing and shut that piece of shit down.

Then again, maybe his ego just exploded and took half the LGF servers with it.

Winston Smith said...

It's back up now. Not that we've been watching LGF or anything.

Oh, wait...