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Friday, March 21, 2008

The everlasting hypocrisy of Charles Johnson

We have to hand Charles the credit for going even lower every single time we think he just can't:

BBC Lies About Bush 'Claiming Victory'

We’ve seen time and again that the major Western news media are not above staging news (Like the St. Louis Mosque episode, right? - ed.), faking photographs and documents, ignoring important stories that don’t fit their agenda (Says WHO? THAT guy?? - ed.), and filing “articles” that are so biased they shouldn’t be accepted as opinion pieces(Again, says WHO? - ed.) . But there’s at least one news service that has established a pattern of blatantly lying to its readers—the British Broadcasting Corporation: The BBC accuses Bush of ‘claiming victory’ in Iraq again. He didn’t.


It goes on about how the title implies something different than what Bush has said, but let us remind our readership that this isn't the first time the lizard king has grappled with such 'misquotes'. Only last time, he was fighting for the inaccuracy.

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