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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Charles Johnson: Microsoft in the Mind

Here's a great example of all the bloody-minded bigotry and bile that wells up whenever Charles sets eyes on the word Europe. His hatred of Europeans - their ideas, their views, their actions - blinds him to such basic facts that he really makes a fool of himself:

The European Union is very jealous of Microsoft’s success: EU fines Microsoft record $1.3B.

That’s B as in Billion. Maybe the EU should put all that rarefied brainpower of theirs to work and write their own Intel-based operating system and GUI, instead of forcing Microsoft to give away trade secrets to second rate European companies.

Shudder. For one dark second, I imagined what an OS designed by the EU might look like. (link)

First of all it might be worth pointing out why we're talking billions: because the U.S. dollar has falled dramatically under the reign of George Bush II, so that $1.3bn is now the equivalent of 850 million Euros.

Second, it wasn't a European company that complained about Microsoft to the Commission. It was Sun Microsystems Inc., based in Silicon Valley, USA.

Third, as for Europeans writing their own operating systems, CJ might like to consider that one the most successful OS's of recent years is Linux, originally written by a Finn (with lots of input from all over the world, including the US).

Just goes to show that CJ is an idiot even when he's not complaining about Muslims.


Anonymous said...

I think Johnson is pretty much alone on the Intertubez both sides of the pond, and in the IT world as a whole suggesting that the EU is punishing Microsoft because theyre 'jealous'. I mean seriously dude, WTF?

The EU is a trade body. They promote trade. Why on earth would they design an operating system, or any other product?

stvip said...

Throughout the years, Charles and LGF have displayed all manner of nastiness and extremism in their posts, but this one is the winner for sheer jingoistic idiocy.
Charles' post is hilarious, and the comments are priceless. Oh, those poor second-rate European companies - whatever will they do without Microsoft's precious trade secrets? And the EU, a bigger economy than the US (
, how will it survive without the round-error of a fine from the great US corporation?

By the way, as a proud Israeli patriot, I find CJ's choice of redirection insulting. LGF should keep its filthy hands off my beautiful IDF.

(disclaimer: I do not support most of LGFWatch's articles or contributors)

stvip said...

Yes, the entire thread is ridiculous and hilarious.
But after a while, it just saddens me. Charles and LGF are doing harm to causes in which I do believe. I am pro-Israel and am extremely leery of the media coverage of the conflict, its horrible overt bias, intentional falsifications and unintentional acceptance of others' falsifications due to incompetence. So the themes and nominal (but not actual) ideology of LGF are close to my heart. That's why it pains me to see these things being discredited by the extremism and idiocy on LGF.
The strange thing is that Charles is not a moron in the traditional sense. He seems like a talented person, and possesses a sense of humour indicative of intelligence. Yet this is a great example of how personal defects and emotional immaturity can cause a person to make a complete ass of himself, to write things which are irrational and just plain stupid. And in the midst of that, he drags us all down.

And to a certain extent, this is also true of LGFWatch. Worthy cause, but it gets tarnished by the likes of The Sphinxter. Oh well.

WCW said...

Good job, LGF watch. This is one of your best posts.

The Sphinx said...

Stvip, I love you too.

Lex said...

stvip--Wow, it's you, the guy I got really harangued for agreeing with on something or another at LGF by Sharmuta, Highrise, and Dingus #3 (whose name I forget at the moment). So what'd you do to earn the ire of The Whore (sorry Sphinx, I just can't stop using your translation of Sharmuta....roflmao)?

I like that you actually added the disclaimer...ROFL....I must note however that there is some flashing page that would throw certain people into seizures that reads "You're An Idiot!!" that CJ also redirects to. Either way, we're subject to something Charles thinks is humorous, which is just never going to be good. Soon it'll be articles about Rachel Corrie or something.