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Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to get banned on LGF: episode #74756

A reader writers...

In today's LGF thread about the Obama video on last night's Fox news, I corrected Charles that one's tilting of the head is standard body language for listening intently. Charles seems to think otherwise. I made the mistake of calling him "Chuck" and my account was promptly blocked. [...] Chuck complains about HuffPo disabling comments, but can't stomach being called "Chuck". Hilarious....
As the same reader notes, it's fascinating how the lizard mind homes in on what it wants to see, to the exclusion of anything else however pertinent. From the same thread, an example of an avid Johnson pupil showing his master how well he's learned that little trick:

jcm 3/15/08 9:15:05 am

Body Language Dictionary.
Head tilt: The head tilt is a come hither glance in the animal kingdom. From across the room, receiving the head tilt mean "Come closer to me"; if you're standing nearby already, the head tilt means "Come even closer."

He's client #7!

You can see where the wingnuts are heading with their Obama mania!


Anonymous said...

Chuckie Cheese is redirecting your links to the IDF homepage.

Install this link anonymizer script to correct that problem.

Anti-Idiots said...

Are you going to correct your story about "Saddam had no ties to Al-Qaeda"? You always criticizing Charles when he does not correct his articles when goes against him. What about you?

Read this on Hot Air:

Saddam supported at least two al-Qaeda groups: Pentagon Update: What it means

They link to the original sources.

M.J. said...


Could you post in the relevant post please.

PS The story was posted with no comment. Therefore we didn't make the claim that he had no ties to al-Qaeda, the media source did.

PPS the original sources can at best link to two groups who were barely active and were alleged subsidiary groups of AQ. So it's a bit of a stretch to say these are the same links that the US went to war over.

That's desperation.

Anonymous said...


Hot Air links to the original sources as hosted by ABC news. Another victory against the dreaded MSM! Oh, and they link to the Weekly Standard as well.

If it wasn't for the fact Hot Air was a Michelle Malkin ego project people may take you seriously.

I'm sure they'll discover WMD's any day soon.

ChenZhen said...

CJ channeling Danny Vermin:

"You shouldn't call me Chuck. My sister called me Chuck once...


X said...

Perhaps Hotair would next like to look at the support the United States gave to jihadist groups during the 1980s and compare that to what Saddam did. Why, we might all learn a thing or two...

Anti-Idiots said...

Some of you took the opportunity to attack Hot Air, while you are free to do so, but I wasn't considering Hot Air as an authentic source, as someone mentioned here, they linked to MSM articles, and I was too lazy to pick the links from there.

P.S. M.J. good point, I'm sorry for posting here, I did so, so that many people can read it. I'm going to post a reply to your reply there.