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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Third Thread for Tuesday's Primaries

Well, aside from Johnson's gamer-esque attempt at grammatic goofiness (think "Comic-Book-Guy" on The Simpsons--actually, right down to the hair...hmmm), Slightly Less Super Tuesday, Thread the Third, I noticed something earlier noted by The Sphinx. All Johnson adds to the post is one uncertain seeming sentence, "Hillary Clinton has won Ohio...", leaving his Lizards to do the obvious. For those unfamiliar with the obvious on LGF when it comes to this election, I am referring to hurling insults and racial epithets at Barack Obama.

This third thread on the subject has over 1,000 comments so far, none of them left by Charles. The fun really kicks off with the 52nd comment, left by "Chubby Vegan":

#52 chubby vegan 3/04/2008 8:09:47 pm PST

re: #41 lawhawk

Oh, and the NAACP might sue to get them seated - even though it would run counter to Obama's interests and help out the candidate who violated the rules - Hillary.

But, that is okay. Because Barak Obama is not Black. He is an Arab American.

I will keep typing that until my fingers bleed.

Unfortunately, there are enough non-"chubby vegan"s registered at LGF to leave enough comments to really give one the true measure of the blatant racism of the Lizards, which has only reached new heights with their hatred of Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Anyone still doubting the wretchedness of these people need only skim through these comments, or probably any of the election threads. Never have I seen such hatred directed at a man for having a Muslim father from Africa.

Sorry, that's not quite true. I have, at the LGF-spawned site Atlas Shrugs. On the TV program "60 Minutes" aired this past Sunday, several Ohio voters were gathered together to discuss the candidates. One man said that his vote for Obama would be a reluctant one. When asked why, he replied that he's heard too many rumors of Obama "being a Muslim", "not swearing on the Holy Bible" and "not knowing the words to our national anthem". When asked where these rumors came from in the same show, Sen. Obama replied that they were spawned from email and internet smear campaigns, and also added that using claims that anyone is a Muslim as a smear tactic is very offensive, especially (obviously) to Muslims. Well, here's that campaign in full "HUSSEIN" ranting swing, courtesy of Charles Johnson.

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