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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spitting on their graves

4,000 young Americans die in Iraq, and all Charles Johnson can do is spew venom and hatred at those who mourn their deaths.

You would think that he might bring himself to say a few appropriate words about the fallen soldiers, not to mention the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have died in this war.

But no. Johnson just can't do it. There's something inside that prevents him from acknowledging these deaths and asking himself whether they were really necessary for us to get where we are today.

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Lex said...

It gets worse (or better, depending on how much time for mockery one has). We, of course, are "stalkers" for having a watch site. Yet here's a lauded site I hadn't seen yet: Obama Watch. They aren't "stalkers" of course. Obamaphobes perhaps to me, but proof yet again of the great double standard.

This is truly sick when those who refuse to see any fault in the Iraq War reach the point that Johnson has reached. And as usual, no one mentions the slain civilians dead for no more good reason than our troops. Revolting.