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Friday, March 14, 2008

Comment of the day

Every now and then, you will pass by an LGF comment that will put a grin on your face:

#68 gardenia (+10)
"These are the people whose devoted followers are perfectly okay with the disgusting, violent, hatefilled, racist venom spewed at Michelle Malkin, simply because she has a different viewpoint to them."

No comment needed here. Also, recently featured on LGF Watch..


Anonymous said...


I'm so thankful for your site, after months of rubbernecking at that site I came across this place. Truly a delight to have an establishment for people who are dumbfounded by the admiration that hack Chuckie gets from his legions of e-crusaders.

Now I don't have to visit the site anymore since you're doing the dirtywork!

Anonymous said...

For decades the Democratic Party has used the race/class/gender card as a club to bully and silence anyone who disagrees with them on any topic.

Tax cuts? You're greedy and hate the poor!
Pro-life? You hate women!
Smaller government? You want to starve children!
Judicial restraint? You're a fascist!
A truly color blind society? You're a bigot!

Now those on the Left who've made a living self-righteously lobbing these slander bombs at others have had their grenades blow-up in their own faces! So Geraldine Ferraro is a racist, too? Wow! I thought the only racists were the evil conservative Republicans!

The Democratic Party is eating itself from within because of its own blatant hypocrisy. And now we see what's really behind the curtain of their sanctimony. Pardon my pun, but this is Hillaryous!

As Oboma's Uncle Rev. Wright would say, "The chickens have come home to roost!"

Lex said...

Oh yeah, I caught a priceless one today and posted it at my place, but I'll add it here:

#238 USS Ben 3/15/08 11:13:09 am reply quote report 0

I heard more than one commenter on Fox News, yesterday, say that Obama's spiritual advisor wasn't making racist comments, but rather he was making Leftist comments.

Same thing. This is racist, leftist, white-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating, commie-loving fascism at it's very ugliest.

Lex said...

Anon2--I'm a member of neither Party personally, and consider belonging to any "movement" either liberal or conservative or otherwise a bit closed-minded. However, the little hypocrisy bombs are blowing up in many racist bloggers' faces. Chickens are coming home to roost all over the place.

You do have a point, I've heard this stuff preached everywhere from black baptist churches in Oakland CA. to a Catholic Parish in Indianapolis where the Priest said that Rome was a "terrorist state" and that waging war would make us so as well. It's hardly news that left-wing churches get rather political (as do righty evangelical ones).

I've got to admit though, things have to be pretty bad for me to want to cast my vote for a Democrat rather than the protest vote I've been voting since '96.

Anon1--hey there, welcome and enjoy!

Sura 109 said...

Anon#2: The thing is, we see through the deceitful rhetoric that wingnuts use. Some of us used to be wingnuts, after all. Your dog-whistles aren't fooling anyone.

When you say "tax cuts", you mean "tax cuts for the rich that will burden the rest of us and our posterity with the resulting debt."

When you say "pro-life", you mean "barefoot and pregnant." Your abstinence-only bullshit ensures that more abortions will be performed. What's more is you're only "pro-life" until the baby is born; you're perfectly content to let the baby starve or sicken and die afterward.

When you say "judicial restraint" and "a truly color blind society", you mean "a society in which the privileged few can run rough-shod over the rest of us with impunity".

Perhaps you think you might become one of those privileged few. Chances are, you won't. That is where the dead-ender Publicans fail.