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Monday, March 31, 2008

Comments on the Palestinian Student Picture

Well, one thing Charles cannot do or re-link to IDF sites are screen captures of his very own followers. The comments are so full of hatred for the Palestinians that they are hard to stomach. And these are people who claim to be "defending our civilization" and on occasion noting their devotion to human rights? Sorry Lizards, you just keep hitting the target.

Despite claims that they do not hate Muslims, are not racist or bigoted, the comments show (as usual) the truth of LGF and of Charles, who lets them all stand. Aiding and abetting as always his Lizards in their spreading of hatred, as exemplified by the above comments as well as a few here:

#81 Whammo 3/30/08 9:33:22 am reply quote report

I bet young Mohammed would spell perfectly if only some Jews died in the process...

#107 RedWhiteAndJew 3/30/08 9:41:20 am reply quote report

As to the answer, it is no different than if your school remained open; that is, if you continue to cling to a hate-filled dogma, which teaches that freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and that the best you can do with your life is your death.

That answer is, "nowhere."

#113 yochanan 3/30/08 9:42:04 am reply quote report

re: #79 Iron Fist


Which was before I was born. I'm tired of being asked to pay for the crimes of my forefathers.



Wow, even an off-topic comment about blacks in America! Once the Lizards get rolling, the bigotry just knows no bounds. (For cut & paste, i.e. to not end up at the IDF site, here's the URL:
Trust me, there are plenty more comments to turn one's stomach....but then that's true of every thread at LGF, so take your pick. This is just all the worse, mocking the closing of a school and impoverished Palestinian youths who have no reason to be fluent in English in the first place.


V said...

How many American 12-year-olds could compose a message in Arabic, however badly mangled?

Tex Taylor said...

Lex and V,

Reading a paragraph from Michael Medved today summarized my opinion of you both, your site, your chosen candidate, your support of American hating Sphinxter, and your philosophy of just about everything. I give you Mr. Medved:

If Joe Lieberman had affiliated for twenty years with a synagogue that never offered prayers for America and its government (as nearly all Orthodox Jewish synagogues do, in fact), but instead emphasized a “non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO ISRAEL,” wouldn’t voters have questioned his outlook and judgment when he ran for Vice President?

In his speech, Obama suggests that his fellow citizens recoiled against Reverend Wright only because they failed to understand that his bitter rage stemmed from centuries of oppression and injustice. “The fact that so many people are surprised to hear that anger in some of Reverend Wright’s sermons simply reminds us of the old truism that the most segregated hour in American life occurs on Sunday morning.”

Does Obama decry, or encourage, that segregation? If he condemns it, then why would he maintain a long-term commitment to a purposefully segregated, race-based congregation that elevates a mystical sense of “blackness” above Christianity, Americanism or common humanity?

I might have a little more respect for you both and your sites if you could remove the log from your own eyes before squeezing the speck from anyone else, including LGF and Charles Johnson.

Faux piety is still unbecoming and your hypocrisy knows few bounds...By the way, I notice your preview moderator likes to pick and choose what is posted now. Are we becoming a little cowardly in our posting of unfavorable reviews?

The Sphinx said...

Careful guys, soon enough a random nutjob will pass by here and accuse you of "disgusting linguistical relativism".

(Actually that would be hilarious.. *popcorn*)

Chamdar said...


I don't agree with all of your political views, but I do agree with you about LGF.

And it's not even so much Charles Johnson himself that I have a problem with (even if he can and does get nasty on a dime) as it is the comments from bigots and/or demented creeps that he tolerates, some of whom would probably think HE'S a terrorist-sympathizing moonbat who hates America for being an agnostic and still somewhat socially liberal.

Lex said...

Aha. Now everything we write about LGF will be boiled down to pro-Obama Vs. anti-HUSSEIN Omaba?

Tex, try to stay on topic, if you would. And for the record, I have gone to GREAT lengths to atone for the beam that was in my eye in terms of my political online writing and associations. So what if now there is an election going on? We aren't here to sling mud about Obama or any other candidate to my understanding, but to discuss LGF posts and comments. This post isn't even about Obama, so post your anti-Obama comments on my pro-Obama posts at my own blog, not here.

Besides, I think several people have the giggles already over anything quoted from Medved who frequent this site. You should tip off to that piece of tripe for analysis and repost so we can have more laughs and a good photoshop as well.

Lex said...

Hey Tex--Sadly, No!'s contributors read my mind. Medved's idiocy hasn't escaped their mockery, nor their photoshopping fun. Go ahead and post some of your charming comments over on the Medved Thread there Tex (unless you're already "Gary" there) if you really want to discuss Medved-On-Obama issues. PLEASE?

I look forward to seeing you there, Tex Taylor.

Brandon C said...

Charles Johnson has run a blog with nearly 7 years of daily updates parsing the words of Arab politicians and journalists. I'm sure he could compose a simple sentence in Arabic with no spelling or grammatical errors.

Fact is, we understand what the kid's sign is saying. I have a feeling that LGFs share the thoughts of a late, unlamented Free Republic contributer who would delight in referring to Arabic publications as a collection of "ridiculous scribble writing"

Tex Taylor said...

You know Lex, for a self-professed genius, you sure have a hard time understanding the simplest of analogies. And as for your atonement, laughable. If anything, you're getting worse.

But you can call me Gary...

Lex said...

"self-professed genius"? No, I never said that, though compared to many online it might seem that way.

My atonement is laughable? Really? "Getting worse"? Explain.

I understand the analogy, I just want these "Obamaphobic" analogies cleared from posts on other issues because they drag the U.S. election into discussion of the actual post issues. As for missing thing Tex, you seem to not catch the humor when doled out to you.

Tex Taylor said...


LOL. Well there may be some online thinking you're a genius. I'm not one of them unfortunately.

Let me put it this way about your proposed "atonement."

Far be it from me to be your judge but I hope your "witness" is far more effective to the rest of the world than it has been to me.