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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I have guns

Typical LGF'er. I'd hate to live next door to this nutjob.

76 imploder 9/5/2005 08:38PM PDT

I have guns.

I have a bathroom gun. I have the other bathroom gun. I have a kitchen gun. I have my truck gun. I have a wife's car gun. I have a garage gun.

I have a gun that is explicitly an asian youth-gang home invasion repellent...

I have a rifle that I can shoot out to a few hundred yards in case I feel threatend by someone at that distance.

I have lots of hand guns. I have a S$W model 36 revolver that is accurate out to about seven feet. I like it.

Guns are the things that you can't conjure up in an instant, but when you need one, you wish you could.

As you can imagine, I also keep a pretty good cache of ammo...

It's stored in a watertight container.
I don't know what's more worrying, that he has a gun explicitly for asians, that he could feel 'threatened' over a couple of hundred yards, that he has two guns in his bathroom or that a person this idiotic is allowed to own firearms at all.

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