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Friday, September 30, 2005

Tapes Prove Police Lied

The Brazilian family of a man killed by Metropolitan police officers have seen video evidence that proves that the original police version of events were false and that senior officials lied about the circumstances.

De Menezes' brother, Giovani, said the tapes supported the family's belief that police lied about the case.

"The film showed that Jean did not have suspicious behavior. For sure they (police) lied to the family," he said.

De Menezes' mother, Maria Otone de Menezes, said Wednesday her son had been treated "like a mad dog" and called for the arrest of the officers responsible for his death. The family toured the subway station Wednesday.

Harriet Wistrich, a lawyer representing the family, read a statement to reporters after Thursday's viewing of the videotapes.

"It was very distressing to see how completely relaxed and normal Jean Charles appeared, particularly in the light of statements made immediately after his death," the statement said.

Police said immediately after the incident that the shooting was directly linked to the bombing attempts the day before. Police also did not immediately contradict media reports that Menezes was acting suspiciously, wearing a bulky coat and had jumped the subway turnstile.

Images of the scene showed Menezes wearing a jean jacket. He was unarmed.

Police repeatedly apologized for the killing but deny covering up what happened. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair says his officers must have the right to shoot to kill in some cases.

Menezes family members, including the dead man's parents, met with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is investigating the incident.

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