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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dhimmi Charles

A concerned LGF'er queries why he can't use the term 'Muzzie' and points out the irony of Charles using his software to change derogatory language and the kind of treatment he likes to dish out on other media sources for their 'overtly PC' language. Is Charles censoring his more extreme posters by denying them the freedom of using vile racial and religious name-calling?

107 wrathofg-d 9/28/2005 05:40PM PDT
OK i just noticed that you can't write mu zz ie on LGF & that it becomes "muslim" instead.

However I also previewed the use of other derogatory terms for Jews, Blacks, Italians, Asians, etc., without problem...

NOPE... its only the derogatory terms for Arabs that get changed....

hey going Dhimmi on us?

I don't mean to attack Charles or LGF at all as I love this site & most of the people on it... its just that... if the NYT, LAT, or MSM were to only protect their "readers" from offending muslims & not other groups we'd all be SCREAMING...DHIMMMI.

now I understand why we shouldn't use such terms to describe any group....but....I also notice a bit of irony that I thought the "thinking class" here on LGF might appreciate.
It's a fair enough question. Bonus points for describing a 'thinking class' at LGF. There is definately little thinking and certainly no class there.

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