Little Green Footballs

Friday, September 23, 2005

What chance a little mention?

What chance is there that Charles will report this little piece of news?

The government is expected to propose a legal amendment Sunday that would allow Israeli Arabs wounded in Jewish terror attacks, and the families of those killed in such attacks, to receive government compensation.

If the state makes the proposal and the Knesset passes it, Israeli Arabs will be considered "victims of hostile acts" and will receive compensation equal to that received by Jewish victims of Arab terror attacks.

The move comes after the terror attack in the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram in early August, in which an Israel Defense Forces soldier who had defected from the army opened fire on Arab citizens, killing four.

As the law stands now, the state compensates only those citizens who are victims of militant or terror activity carried out by an army, organization or individuals hostile to the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said after the Shfaram attack that there is a need to amend the law so as to recognize those murdered by Jewish terrorists as people killed in hostile acts.
Considering Charles focused on the fact that an Arab (not Palestinian by the way, they were Druze) crowd beat a Jewish 'terrorist' (a word Charles finds hard to use in that context, although Ariel Sharon seems to have no problem using) to death instead of mentioning the murder four innocent civilians. He also ignored the following attack by a Jewish extremist. What chance is there of Charles mentioning this story?

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