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Friday, September 30, 2005

Sadly, yes. They are that mad.

Sadly, No! has a great piece on the LGF madness.

When did LGF step over the line from being a mean-tempered rightist site to being an actual, by-the-book, calling-Hannah-Arendt locus of everything that America fought to defeat in World War II?

Future historians will quarrel, but progress was made today, with this entry (plus comments) on the new Abu Ghraib release. It's not the boldest of items there, but it's telling in its own way: The fact that torture, rape, and murder are shown in the photos and videos being released simply whizzes by them like it's nothing. Nope, the real issue is that releasing these images to the American public might give Muslims (who are supposedly on a 100% worldwide death rampage) a 'propaganda victory,' and that the ACLU, who fought for their release, is a subversive organization sneakily working toward a Muslim hegemony.

Try to parse that. The Worldwide Muslim Conspiracy is out to destroy us all, and if the Federal Government admits to what it's really doing to 'the Muslims,' it'll look bad to decent people, and also to an extra 100 + n percent of Muslims who aren't yet on a worldwide death rampage. Therefore, the Government should hide evidence of murder, rape, and torture (from us) in order to... And the ACLU should face legal penalties for... But on the other hand, this stuff is okay? It makes your eyeballs hurt thinking about it.
Read it all.

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