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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dishonest or Stupid? You decide.

Charles Johnson, the man who couldn't find the time to mention a series of suicide bombings in Iraq the other week which killed over 120 people, spends an awful law of time constructing an artificial world in which he and his lizards can feel superior to their particular version of the untermensch, the 'LLL moonbat'.

His latest effort, as already documented below, consists of downplaying the number of people who attended Saturday's Stop The War March in DC. In a flimsy attempt to prove his previous assertion that only a handful of people turned up to support 'Mama Moonbat's' crusade against America, he presents us with the following picture of an almost empty field:

The problem is, the police (who tend to play down attendance figures) put the number of people attending the march at 150,000. Indeed, there is photographic evidence to support this claim:

Now ask yourself: Is Charles a) too stupid to do a simple Flickr, Indymedia, or Google News search for pictures of the DC protest which accurately reflect the number of people there, or b) too dishonest to present his readers with the facts?

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