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Sunday, September 18, 2005

A haven for the stupid and the hateful

It seems that a considerable amount of LGF'ers have started their own blog. It begs the question, wasn't LGF's comments section moronic enough for them? Well with nuggets like this, obviously not.

Some people think American, is a race. They say Americans are white, but, black Americans are also in the race of Americans. This thing we call America appears to be much more than a piece of land. Apparently, it also changes the genetic structure of all humans as soon as they are born in America, or take up citizenship here. Thats right, signing off on your citizenship actually changes your genetic structure !!

So, here is a safe bit of advice. Dont talk bad about Americans, any of them, because if you do, youre a racist.


"Paleoswinian" is not a race. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances. Paleoswinian means Jordyptian, another non race. I dont like Palestinians, that means Im racist.
You really have to ask yourself how these people manage to get up and go to work in the morning don't you.


It seems the author of the above post has his own blog as well. Let's see there's guns, pick-ups, trucker caps.........


Seems LGC is complaining about being spammed. Don't worry guys/gals, you have an expert in Pablo. Ask him.

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