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Monday, September 26, 2005

When the word 'moron' just isn't enough.....

Remember the LGF commentator called coulterclone? Well it was the one threw the word 'nigger' around when describing Mayor Nagin and continued to mispell the mans name as 'nagger' without a single 'minion' picking it up on it. Seems that wasn't enough. Here's a shining example of the kind of crap that will have potential Pajama Media advertisers running for the doors when it's highlighted to them.

117 coulterclone 9/22/2005 09:12AM PDT

Cindy SHeehan = Bitch of Buchenwald
Can you believe it? Dubbing Cindy Sheehan as the bitch of Buchenwald. This goes beyond the usual childish name-calling that both the right and left indulge in. How can a grieving mother (who's politics you may or may not agree with) be compared to Ilse Koch (the Beast of Buchenwald)? How stupid and ignorant can a person be to make that statement? Stupid and ignorant enough to qualify as a regular on LGF I suppose.

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