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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Idiots colloquium

Over at the LGF fanclub site, the natives chose to co-opt Thomas Paine's Common Sense (a pamphlet that put the case for independance) to justify the nightmarish disasters taking place in Iraq. They use this line by Paine.

The Harder the Conflict, The More Glorious the Triumph....
Like Vietnam?

The Vietnam conflict continues to be the touchstone for both the military and policy makers committed to avoiding future foreign military "quagmires." As the United States made the seemingly inexorable transition from being advisors to undertaking covert operations, bombing and deploying ground troops, the strategy of "incremental escalation" emerged as the military's bĂȘte noire. Military frustrations during the "war without fronts" were heightened by diplomatic and humanitarian constraints on operations in North Vietnam. Protest and resistance at home and abroad underlined the pitfalls of pursuing prolonged, costly and divisive wars alone. And the ultimate defeat of South Vietnam in 1975 strengthened the resolve of those who would avoid "unwinnable" limited wars in the future.
Key word: "Unwinnable"

UPDATE: It seems they have no problem linking to and agreeing with Steve Sailer, a notorious 'scientific' racist and a homophobe. Nice company to keep.

Sailer's racist views and true colors became more prevalent after writing articles for VDare. Whether declaring that Latinos are no-good trash and Latino immigration must end, or that Blacks are genetically inferior in mental capability and do not deserve equal educational and economic opportunities, or that Asians are genetically inferior in physique and do not deserve opportunities in professional sports, Sailer has used VDare as his flagship to carry out his racist agenda of white supremacy and to trash on anyone who is not white like him.


Before you get offended with any of his writings, please keep in mind he is only a biased freelance writer. He is not a scientist or doctor from an accredited institution in the field of genetics or race. His livelihood depends on overexaggerating, even flat out lying, to create a stir among the public so he can profit and pay off his personal bills. Unfortunately, his countless writings on the internet has created much lies and
discontent, and it is time to hold him accountable.

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