Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Reader ST writes to say he feels lonely when Michelle Malkin isn't on Fox News screaming at him, so he's created this little clip to keep the little harpy forever on his screen. We thought we'd share it with you.

Meanwhile reader LG sends us this amusing little tale of CJ at the Steely Dan concert.


Anonymous said...

OK...that is a bit disturbing

Anonymous said...

Remind me what you were saying about "ugly misogynistic hate speech?"

Oh, that's right, offer not valid for conservative minorities who don't know their place.

Anonymous said...

I thought their place was to be spokemodels for the most backward, reactionary part of the ruling class's agenda in a way that allows the right to call for extreme repression while simultaneously being able to cry victim?

AM said...

Michelle Malkin and 'admirer' tring to get her autograph at CPAC 2007: