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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The eloquence of Lizards

Charles is always quick to whine about 'lefties' who write "unbelievably vile comments" about conservative figures on blogs, or in emails. And he's always quick to point the finger of blame at the blog owner.

So we trust CJ will be taking full responsibility for this fine piece of prose which fluttered into our inbox today from 'Rodney' []:

Do you really believe the shit that falls out of your mouth or do you just like the taste. I hate to say it but you are one (or are a bunch of) dumb shit(s).

Or is Charles going to try and deflect the blame?


Anonymous said...

I'm almost entirely positive that this is the fault of the liberals, Muslims, and radioactive mole men.

cokane said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit dissappointed guys. How the heck is CJ supposed to feel responsible for an email that was sent to you from someone unidentified as a lizard? And why would you post his email?

While CJ can control the posts in his own comment section, he is not omnipotent to the point of being able to control others' emails.

You need to do a bit better than this.

bob said...

Anonymous #2 - I like the way you skilfully miss the point.

Anonymous said...

What kind of silly person sends hate mail from a work e-mail address :)

Jason said...

Still pissy about being banned from having links to your blog posted to Digg, eh? Get over it already!

Antonio said...

Would you like some cheese with that whine?