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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The military-industrial-lizard complex

A certain 'Rodney Wonnenberg' emailed us today to let us know that

"If you continue to abuse my email I will have my lawyer contact you. If this is the way you lefties handle everything no wonder all the intelligent people are right wing. Thank God for Fox news!!!"

Rodney Wonnenberg? Who he? Oh, that guy.

Curiously enough, Rodney's email has changed since our last encounter. It's now And yes, we have the SMTP hops to verify the sender...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rodney, I'm sorry.

I really wish I hadn't signed you up for Barbra Boxer's, Al Gore's, Jack Murtha's, Gladd, Madd, Peta, Air America, Enzyete and numerous gay male porn site mailing lists. I pray they don't sell your work email address.

I really wish I hadn't... but I did. And to know you recieved email conformations from these people makes it so much worse.

I feel terrible and marginally hungry. I think I'm going to eat a hamburger.

~Susan Surandon