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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mask Slipping?

Normally, when someone suggests that Charles has a political slant on his weblog, in particular a conservative one, he goes apeshit.

Today, however, he lets the description of himself as one of the "mainstream Republican and conservative writers" banned by 'Content Watch' pass with nary a murmur.

Is Charles finally owning up to his pigeonhole?


Anonymous said...

"anti-idiotarian" hasn't caught on like he'd hoped

Richard said...

I wonder if Content Watch has a category for "hate speech" which snared him in its filter?

Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson is a writer?!

Cutting and pasting content from news organizations off the intertubes and adding a sarcastic comment isn't writing.

dawud al-gharib said...

I don't know what Chucky writes, but I do know how he thinks from what he writes and encourages...

"know a man by his friends"

from the funny:
to the funnier:
"Don't hate on the KKK... no, really, it takes dedication to stick to something for 200 years, when it's so stupid."

And don't let bs get you down.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Charles Johnson. He's not a conservative.

He's a fascist and a white supremacist.

Anonymous said...

This is still the classic article on Charles Johnson and people like him.

As much as any policy prescriptions, conservatism has always been based, more than anything else, on a fundamental distrust of the power of the federal government and a corresponding belief that that power ought to be as restrained as possible, particularly when it comes to its application by the Government to American citizens. It was that deeply rooted distrust that led to conservatives’ vigorous advocacy of states’ rights over centralized power in the federal government, accompanied by demands that the intrusion of the Federal Government in the lives of American citizens be minimized.

Is there anything more antithetical to that ethos than the rabid, power-hungry appetites of Bush followers? There is not an iota of distrust of the Federal Government among them. Quite the contrary. Whereas distrust of the government was quite recently a hallmark of conservatism, expressing distrust of George Bush and the expansive governmental powers he is pursuing subjects one to accusations of being a leftist, subversive loon.

Indeed, as many Bush followers themselves admit, the central belief of the Bush follower's "conservatism" is no longer one that ascribes to a limited federal government -- but is precisely that there ought to be no limits on the powers claimed by Bush precisely because we trust him, and we trust in him absolutely. He wants to protect us and do good. He is not our enemy but our protector. And there is no reason to entertain suspicions or distrust of him or his motives because he is Good.

dawud al-gharib said...

Interestıng: a former Abu Ghraib "techie," working with Military Intelligence (and contracted teams from CACI and the Titan corporation) gave testimony to Congress about what he saw.

Chuckie wouldn't put this on his blog, I wonder...