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Sunday, March 04, 2007

News you won't read on LGF

- Poll says Muslims less likely to support terrorism than Americans are.

- Religious fanatic commits 'honor killing' in Germany

- U.S. military criticizes Jack Bauer's torture tactics


The Sphinx said...

For those who don't speak German, the "honour killing" story is basically about a fanatically devout Christian man, who had a family of a wife and 12 kids. He used to spend his time preaching to people, reciting bible quotes in every occasion and trying to missionarize his neighbors and friends.
He used to set very strict rules for his children, regarding behaviour, and mostly abstinence. Occasionally he would resort to hitting as a means of upbringing.
His oldest son, an independant and ambitious young fellow started getting into conflicts with his father about many things, especially about relations with girls.

To cut a long story short, the son who had left home for college sometimes passed by his house when the father wasn't there. When they did meet though, things became ugly. They got into a huge row about girls, the father insisting that a good Christian should marry a virgin, the Son replying that most girls aren't virgins anymore, and said in the end on his way out: "I'm off to rape a 13 year-old."
In reaction, the father jammed a kitchen knife into the son's back, in order to prevent this horrible deed, which was probably only meant as a provocation. The son died soon later of his wound.

dawud al-gharib said...

This might deserve a link of it's own, you watch and decide: out of the Moveon circles, but closer to in it's emphasis:

'stop the "clash of civilizations"''

Anonymous said...

LGF ran that story about the honor killing and as soon as it was discovered that it was a Christian, the users called on CJ to pull it

Anonymous said...

It is great to llearn that Muslims in Pakistan do not approve of terror attacks...that means I assume that we will not find terrorists or acts of terror coming from that country.

The German daddy is hardly typical of honor not take one case and suggest it speaks for the nation!