Little Green Footballs

Saturday, March 03, 2007


The recent LGF vs. Digg kerfuffle and the faux outrage of the wingnuts over some bloggers' comments about Dick Cheney has driven a whole load of new visitors to this site.

Welcome, especially those who got here via Realm of the Sphinx, HuffPo, Salon and Blog Herald.


The Sphinx said...

Thanks for the link =)
I was stumbling around, when I noticed something interesting:

Apparently this digg takeover was planned a long time ago, but only became apparent lately. Regardless, keep on burying!

Anonymous said...

I haven't spent a lot of time over at LGF. So maybe they had this before. They have a Digg Search LGF button that links to Digg to bring up all of the LGF submits for the past 30 days. Makes it easy for the brainless to Digg all LGF articles. Of course it has the "include buried stories" enabled as otherwise you wouldn't see anything :)